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Munio Classics

MUNIO is a Danish brand of high-quality interior design products which support preservation of our planet’s tropical forests. The company´s initiative is to promote a sustainable use of these areas which are in extreme risk of deforestation.

Munio stands for “I protect” in Latin, and this is the main vision behind Munio’s portfolio, all pieces being entirely produced in lesser known species under the “Canopy Wood TM” code of conduct.

The woods employed, with exotic names such as Muiracatiara, Coraçao Negro , and Pau Amarelo, add deep bright colours to these exclusive and high hand labour design objects. Swiss-Spanish designer Helena Rohner has created the first Munio collection, including two trays, three bowls, three vases and two candleholders.




Flor is part of Munio´s Nordic Collection, a family of candleholders made in wood with traditional Nordic species such as oak and ash.

The candleholders come in three sizes – small, medium and large, and the individual candleholder has its own story, expression and meaning. The small one shows a closed pod, the medium represents the opening of the flower and the large one shows a fully open flower.

The Flor series is manufactured in Denmark and with each candleholder bought a new tree is planted.

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